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We Provide Full-Service Processing

Whether you want your raw material in regrind or pellet form, our state-of-the-art processes will provide you with clean, high yield polymer raw material.  We handle all steps of the reclaiming process at one convenient location:

  • Baling
  • Magnetic Metal Separation
  • Shredding/Grinding
    • Hand or Machine Sorting
    • Aspiration
    • Multiple Sized Grinders for Large Part and Chunk Grinding (for any input whether the size of a truck bed liner or a small part)
  • Cleaning/Washing
    • Removal of contamination including paper, dirt, pebbles, undesired plastics, and other impurities
    • Magnetic Metal Separation
    • Hand sorting
    • Aspiration
    • Intensive, semi-intensive and float separation
    • Drying
  • Extrusion and Pelletizing 
    • Melt Screening
    • Magnetic Metal Separation
  • Quality Control
  • Bulk Density Testing
  • Compounding


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